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Comprehensive Disability Care Unit, Bihar

Lepra has led the way in providing customised footwear of people with leprosy and LF since 1993. Correct footwear is vital for people affected by these conditions.

One of the most serious complications of leprosy is the formation of ulcers compounded by a lack of sensation in the feet. Left untreated and without appropriate footwear these ulcers can lead to long term damage sometimes requiring amputation.  

Lymphatic filariasis is ranked as the second leading cause of disability world-wide. It often results in severe swelling in the feet and legs, making it difficult to wear standard shoes available in the market.

Until now our shoes have been entirely produced by hand, which is a very slow process. To allow us to speed up production and provide footwear to many more people, we have recently opened a footwear production unit in Bihar. The Comprehensive Disability Care Unit is currently able to produce 50,000 pairs of custom fit shoes per year, and is also able to create a wider range of shoe styles, allowing us to provide footwear which is both functional and stylish, something which our beneficiaries have asked us to develop.  

We will be expanding the unit over the coming months to enable it to produce 100,000 pairs of shoes per year.  We have already received substantial orders to provide specialist footwear to state governments, ILEP agencies, community based organisations and hospitals. These orders will enable us to cover the costs of producing shoes for our own beneficiaries, and the unit aims to be entirely self-funding within two years.

We would like to express a very special thank you to Charles Bland and The Belpech Trust, Colin Temple, Haddenham Healthcare, and Pavers for their generous support in enabling this project to become a reality.