Our Partnership 

Since 2015, Pavers have funded our first mobile shoe van which travels across the Indian state of Bihar delivering custom-made shoes to help those affected by leprosy and LF. This funding has directly helped 5,000 people by providing them with two new pairs of custom made shoes – which can often be life changing. 

Stuart Paver, the managing director of Pavers, recently went out to visit the van in Bihar and saw what a difference it was making to people’s lives.

“It was an incredible privilege to be able to see the van working in the community and to see how effectively and efficiently it is being used to help people with leprosy and other debilitating conditions. Over 5,000 people have benefitted from shoes made by the small team of technicians that dedicate themselves to helping the people within the leprosy camps.

I talked to a lady who, prior to being given the customised footwear, had ulcers on her feet that were so bad she could not move to cook, shop or even go to the toilet. Now she is an active member of the community and can walk to the shops and take her children to the state school.

We will continue to fund this life changing product and ideally I would love the shoe industry to fund another one or two vans to operate in other affected regions of this forgotten about disease."

How the shoes help

Each year, Lepra provide 25,800 people with custom-made shoes, which allow people to go about their daily lives with reduced pain and stigma. Importantly, they enable individuals to continue to work and earn a living and children to return to education – preventing them from falling further into poverty.

How are they made?

The custom-made shoes are designed, made and fitted by out specialist shoemakers. Each pair is unique, made to that person's individual requirements in comfortable micro-cellular rubber. The moulded soles are padded to increase the weight-bearing area and reduce pressure, so that the foot is stable and given support exactly where it's needed.

What’s in the van?

The van includes a sewing machine, a generator, a grinder for pressing soles, and materials to make bespoke footwear. It also includes beds and cooling fans as the shoe technician and driver live in the van whilst covering the many miles between their stops.

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