The facts

The Bogra District Federation represents people with leprosy in the Bogra district of Bangladesh. Within the district there is a network of self-help groups that meet twice a month to learn new skills and discuss the issues they face.  They have around one thousand members with around three thousand family members.

The aim

Our project, funded by the Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation aims to improve the nutrition of people affected by leprosy, as well as their family members, particularly those of child-bearing age, in the Bogra district. It will raise awareness of the importance of a balanced diet and help members of self-help groups to understand how they can provide a better diet for themselves and their families.

What are we doing?

We will support the Bogra District Federation which will work with self-help groups and the wider community in Bogra. In each of the 12 sub-district federations, one woman will be chosen to train as a ‘Nutrition Representative’. They will learn about basic nutrition from a master trainer.

The Nutrition Representatives will discuss what they have learnt with the self-help groups in their sub-district. This will include demonstrations for both male and female members of the groups of what they can grow and new ways to cook vegetables and pulses.

What impact will the project have?

People affected by leprosy will have improved nutrition, improving their health and wellbeing.

How can you help?

Your support can help us continue to grow our self-help groups, to reach and support more people living with the effects of leprosy. A gift of £28 can fund a self-help group for three months, enabling people to join together, learn new skills to help them become independent and fight for their rights.

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