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Jimmy and Pahan Pahan

The Inspirational Dr David Pahan

6 May 2022

In April, Jimmy Innes invited the inspirational Dr David Pahan, Country Director of Lepra Bangladesh, to take part in a fascinating and in-depth podcast, detailing Lepra’s approach to the democratisation of  healthcare in Bangladesh. 

During the interview, Dr Pahan discusses the birth of the Bogura Federation and how the recognition of this community led movement, has become an influential part of Bangladesh’s healthcare system, from the national level, through to regional healthcare provisions. The Federation now has a powerful voice which plays a vital role in health system strengthening, providing their  insight and expertise across the region and even at international conferences. 

In March, Jimmy accompanied Dr Pahan to an extended contact tracing event in the Kurigram District. The local clinic had identified two leprosy cases within a single household and then enacted a community event to look for further, potential clusters. Two days prior to the event, the Federation provided information and education within the community, to help allay fears, and promote the benefits of early treatment. When the clinicians arrived, much of the groundwork had already been laid, with many people coming forward to engage with the team and seek support and referral options. 

The proactive approch of Lepra’s Active Case Finding, with support of the community led Federations, helps countless people receive life-changing care and avoid unnecessary disabilities. To hear the interview in full with Dr Pahan, visit our Soundcloud here.