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Taslima Taslima

Taslima’s leadership is changing lives

21 May 2024

We are pleased to announce that the ‘Bogura Federation’ (Bogura District Leprosy and Disability Development Association) has appointed the inspirational Taslima Akter as their first female leader.

The ‘Bogura Federation’ is a grassroots organisation supported by Lepra in the Bogura District of Bangladesh, bringing together around 100 ‘self-support groups’, which helps community members to overcome the physical, emotional, social and financial impact of leprosy.

We recently discussed the Federation’s involvement with the Mind to Heart project, with the organisation playing a key role in the development and strengthening of local health services for people affected. Read more here

Taslima, is someone you may also recognise, as she was photographed for the New Face for Leprosy exhibition in 2023. Find out more here.

Lepra CEO Jimmy Innes met Taslima on a visit to Bangladesh in 2022:

To see Taslima rising to this position, is a testament to her incredible influence and drive. Despite Bangladesh being an overwhelmingly male dominated society, her resilience and strength has led her to become a leading light in the community, helping to support and advocate for some of Bangladesh’s most neglected people.