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Staff Spotlight with Abi Wells

4 June 2020

Today we are introducing a new regular feature - #StaffSpotlight

Staff Spotlight is designed to showcase our wonderful team members that make up Lepra UK!

This month we welcome Abi Wells, Corporate and Community Partnerships Manager for the South of England. Described by one of her colleagues as

‘a fantastic, fundamental and unflappable fundraiser’

Abi truly is a vital piece of Lepra’s fundraising framework. 

Before working for Lepra, how much did you know about leprosy and LF?

Very little! I wrongly assumed leprosy was not a disease that still affects so many people on the scale that it does. With some reading, I soon remembered the Blue Peter appeal for Lepra in 1996 and sending in my aluminium cans to be recycled for fundraising, but the disease itself I was really uninformed about – something I know I’m not unique in.

What is the most rewarding thing about your job?

Being able to speak with donors both on the phone and at events to understand their reason for supporting Lepra, as its always an interesting reason, whether it’s through their own experience of medicine, travel or something completely different. A highlight is certainly being able to be the person who gets to ask “did you know leprosy still exists?” which is likely not a conversation starter that people have heard before.

If you could give a virtual high five to anyone at work, who would it be and why?

Is it too cheesy to say everyone?! We are a small but very strong team who all share a common goal, and so when our work is busy or challenging, coming back to that really helps us to remember why we’re here – to beat leprosy together.

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