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4 October 2019

Fundraise for Lepra

We are always delighted to hear the different stories from our fundraisers about the events they have organised, the different people they meet and the generosity of our volunteers lending their free time to help raise funds and awareness for people affected by leprosy. We also want to hear from you, and find out what brilliant fundraising ideas and events people are involved with.

How does your fundraising helps change lives?

By raising money you are helping to change the lives of millions affected by leprosy and lymphatic filariasis. 

  • We diagnosed and helped to treat 41,869 new cases of LF this year.
    Which is more than double the previous year.
  • We trained an additional 13,514 government health staff and 16,465 health care workers, volunteers, doctors, accredited social health activists and teachers. 
  • We reached 1.46 million people through heath education and events to raise awareness of leprosy and other neglected diseases. 
    Through LF programmes we reached almost 24 times more people when compared to last year. 

How can you fundraise?

You can fundraise online by simply collecting donations by creating your own fundraising page via sites such as Just Giving or Wonderful and choose Lepra as your charity.

Also if you missed out on securing a place for the London Marathon 2020, we have a limited number of places still available! 

Make sure to contact us to find out more about how you can fundraise for

  • You could fundraise by taking part in our steps challenge taking-steps 
    Get active by jogging, swimming, or any activity you enjoy and make sure to track your distance throughout. 
    For every kilometre or mile you complete you can collect donations. 
    As little as £25 can help changes lives of children, women and men affect by leprosy. 
  • Or why not host your own life changing tea with friends and family? 
    Who can resist a steaming pot of tea and a slice of Victoria sponge? 
    With the proceeds being kindly donated to Lepra. 

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