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Research brings growth

17 February 2023

Lepra’s Disability Initiative for Independent Living (DIIL) project is working to reduce the physical, psychological, financial and social impact on people affected by lymphatic filariasis (LF) and Leprosy in seven northern districts of Bangladesh. In its third year, the project aims to scale up and accelerate the activities which support ‘managing morbidity and preventing disability’ (MMDP). 

Over the course of the project, 140 self-care practice groups have been formed, consisting of around 1400 members. These groups hold a particular importance, not only for the training and reinforcement of self-practice techniques, but also serve as an important, peer-led psychosocial support for its members.

In February, we were delighted to hear the latest development from DIIL. With funding and support from the project, several people from the Nilphamari district are piloting a new element to the initiative. Members are being given plots of land, plus the tools and seeds to start their own local agricultural projects. 

In addition to the food they can grow to supplement their families nutritional needs, the members can also sell produce to help provide additional income. As well as the important nutritional benefits, which are known to help promote a more effective recovery, the practice is thought to also have important emotional health benefits.

It is hoped that the project will be expanded in the near future, with more people affected by leprosy and LF being able to benefit from this innovative approach to healthcare.

Research brings growth