Rajni’s Award

13 August 2019

On the 13th of August 2019, Rajni Singh the Bihar State Coordinator of LEPRA Society, won the Mphasis Universal Design Award at the India International Centre, New Delhi.

The NCPEDP award aims to highlight the extraordinary work of people trying to make the world a more accessible place.

Rajni developed several innovative appliances for people affected by leprosy, lymphatic filariaisis. pdoconiosis and diabetes.

His work on a ‘Mobile Foot Care Unit’ delivered protective footwear to those in the most isolated regions of India. The mobile units allow for those in the most remote areas to seek treatment and assistance and earned him the Working Professional Award.

The work Rajni conducts within LEPRA Society largely focuses on helping those affected by the disease access life changing treatment and raise awareness of the curable disease. Trained as a physiotherapist originally, he has more than 25 years’ experience with leprosy.

Rajni has worked with leprosy patients for more than 20 years in his capacity as Bihar State Coordinator for Lepra. He has been instrumental in raising awareness for the disease and promoting the multi drug therapy, which can completely cure leprosy.

Rajni said,

“This award has motivated and inspired us to work harder to improve the lives’ of those affected by leprosy.”

Lepra continues to support those in India, Bangladesh and Mozambique affected by leprosy through early identification, treatment and rehabilitation. 

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Receiving the award