Pancake Tuesday with Lepra

24 February 2020

Today is Pancake Tuesday, a day of celebration prior to challenging yourself during the upcoming lent season.

Celebrate this Pancake Day with us by hosting a life-changing tea party, or during the lent period invite friends and family over.

The money you fundraise will go to helping us with our initiative to stop leprosy and give support for those who have suffered or are currently suffering from this devastating disease.

Leprosy can have lasting effects, but with your support, we can help change the outcome for people like Champa, who at just 9 years old was diagnosed with leprosy. Luckily Champa was diagnosed early thanks to a Community Volunteer educating her on the early signs of leprosy. Champa’s Mother said“Because Champa was diagnosed with leprosy at the early stage. I am very happy, because, she will not suffer any disability.” 

Your life-changing tea can go to help educate a community champion to help rural communities learn about the early signs of leprosy, and stop it early in its tracks.

  • For just £3 the price of one tea can send a community champion to teach women, men and children affected by leprosy.
  • For just £13 the price of coffee and cake for two could train a new community champion to recognise the symptoms of leprosy and refer women for treatment.

If you are looking for more of a challenge for this coming lent season, consider running the London Marathon with Lepra.

Each mile you run of the London Marathon, you will have raised enough to:

  • Give 10 people the chance to walk again with special custom-made shoes
  • Give 21 people a self-care kit so they can manage their disability
  • Hold 2 community health awareness campaigns, giving health information to up to 500 people

We would love for you to join our team in the fight against leprosy this coming lent season, whether it be by celebrating with a life-changing tea, or by challenging yourself to run the London Marathon with us. There are more than 50 children who are diagnosed with leprosy every day, together we can prevent it from having a lasting impact.

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