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Olivia’s volunteering story

1 June 2020

This  interview coincides with 2020 Volunteers Week, and therefore we want to pay a special tribute to Olivia! Olivia is actually a previous employee of Lepra (who we miss dearly), so we were thrilled when she offered to volunteer her time for Lepra during these uncertain times. 

What made you want to volunteer for Lepra during the coronavirus crisis?

It is an unusual situation for everyone, and having previously worked in the charity sector I knew how hard the crisis would hit charities such as Lepra. As I had a lot more time on my hands I wanted to take the opportunity to try and support Lepra, even in a small way, to try and make it just a little easier.

How has your experience been and have you found it fulfilling so far?

I have really enjoyed my time volunteering. It has been interesting doing tasks that I wouldn’t usually do such as creating and scheduling social media posts. It has also meant that I have been included in any updates on how COVID 19 is affecting the countries Lepra work in, and in particular people affected by leprosy. This is information you don’t often hear about in the news and gives some insight on how this crisis is affecting other parts of the world and how we can help.

What would you say to other people who may be considering volunteering for Lepra?

Do it! Even just taking the first step and sending a quick email to find out more, you will learn how you can make a difference and be in contact with a great team that are looking to help and happy to hear from you.


Visit our volunteering opportunities page for more information on how you can support Lepra's vital work.