Life - Changing Tea at Lepra

18 September 2019

In honour of national Afternoon Tea Week, Lepra have launched their very own Life-Changing Tea event.

We enjoyed an afternoon of tea, cakes and biscuits in support of our continued work in Mozambique, India and Bangladesh and raised a wonderful £57.25.

This week, we are encouraging people to support those affected by leprosy by hosting their very own Life-Changing Tea.

A simple donation could help us raise awareness for this curable disease and help those impacted with life changing treatment.

To get involved, simply fill out our form and we’ll send you a pack, which will include everything you need to make your Life-Changing tea a success.

Each pack includes posters, badges, donation forms and information on leprosy and how your support will make a difference. 

We will beat leprosy together. 

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Setting up for tea

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