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Leprosy Review - June 2023

5 June 2023

Editor’s Choice – June 2023

While different countries are at various stages on the road to elimination of leprosy disease and have also experienced very different levels of social and political upheaval in recent years, there are important lessons to be learned and applied else-where, if at all possible.

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This issue begins with important papers describing the current situation in Somalia and Colombia.

Adverse drug reactions are carefully analysed in a paper from Sri Lanka, using tools to describe precisely the causes, severity, management and outcome of these events. This has not usually been done in the past, when adverse events are often just listed without comment, so this is a helpful advance.

We have occasionally reported on surgical advances and the paper by Prof Agarwal on restoring sensation through surgery is fascinating. It is unfortunate that this type of surgery is not more widely available.

Case detection delay is an important indica-tor of the health of a leprosy control program and a paper from Indonesia shows how a new standardized questionnaire has been translated and adapted for use there.

Paul Saunderson Editor-in-Chief

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Leprosy Review - June 2023

Original Papers

Improved leprosy elimination efforts in Somalia, 2015–2021: achievements in a challenging environment and the way forward
Abdelaziz Aden, Abdifatah Ahmed Ali, Jamal Amran, Mona Osman, Supriya Warusavithana, Venkata Rao Pemmaraju, Hoda Atta, Yvan Hutin

Epidemiological trends and diagnosis delay for Hansen’s disease in Valle del Cauca – Colombia 2016–2021
Estela Rodríguez Torres, Pedro Nel Beitia Cardona, Daniel Gonzalo Eslava Albarracín, Anil Fastenau, Srilekha Penna, Christa Kasang

Causality, severity, and preventability of adverse drug reactions due to multi-drug therapy in leprosy: evidence from a national level institution in Sri Lanka
Lakmali Hewawasam, Millawage Supun Dilara Wijesinghe, Ishra Nazeer, D. M. Amarathunga, Pradeepa Jayawardena

Retrospective analysis of leprosy in elderly from India: observations and recommendations
Kavita Bisherwal, Archana Singal, Chander Grover

The leprosy case detection delay (CDD) questionnaire: Indonesian translation, cross-cultural adaptation, and evaluation
Yudhy Dharmawanm, Ulfah Abqari, Bagoes Widjanarko, Wulandari Santoso, Astri Ferdiana, Jan Hendrik Richardus, Ida J. Korfage

Case Reports

Restoration of hand sensation in Hansen’s disease by transfer of the superficial branch of the radial nerve to the median nerve
Pawan Agarwal, Srishti Tripathi, Dhananjaya Sharma

Leprosy with vascular involvement mimicking Buerger’s disease
Siddharth Bhatt, Shweta Pandey, Gourang Paliwal, Biju Vasudevan, K Uday Bhanu, Shekhar Neema, Rohit Kothari


Is the future of leprosy care digital?
Emily E. V. Quilter, Cynthia Butlin