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Pledge for Change Pledge for Change

Lepra supports The Pledge for Change

6 November 2023

Lepra is proud to support The Pledge for Change. The Pledge is formed of international non-governmental organisations who are committed to changing the current workings of the global aid system.

Together we are working towards a fairer future in which all people’s needs are met and their rights upheld, governments fulfil their responsibilities and civil society flourishes.

The pledge focuses on three core changes:

Equitable Partnerships

We will prioritise and value the leadership of local and national actors and will invest in making partners stronger and more sustainable.

Authentic Storytelling

We will use our platforms to show people’s strength and amplify their stories by putting local people at the centre of the story.

Influencing Wider Change

We will advance our goals by urging our peers, supporters, and donors to join us and transparently sharing our progress and lessons learned.

For more details on The Pledge for Change visit:

Pledge for Change