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LEPRA Society of India’s Birthday

22 February 2023

This week we are celebrating the birthday of 'The LEPRA Society of India’ (LEPRA India). The society are an integral part of the Lepra family, helping us to work closely within communities.

On 3 August 1989, Lepra’s sister organisation ‘The LEPRA Society of India’ held its inaugural meeting in Hyderabad.

Today, LEPRA India has extensive reach throughout 6 states and the capital, Delhi. Their organisational independence provides a unique ability to work within local communities, and play a vital role in supporting the Indian government’s National Leprosy Eradication Programme (NLEP).

LEPRA India currently supports over 40 programmes and referral centres across India, providing a wide range of services such as awareness raising, early case detection, disability management, mobile footwear units, multi-drug therapy, reconstructive and eye surgery referrals and mental health support.  

Health system strengthening is one of the most potent and enduring aims for Lepra in the fight against leprosy. Working with governments, local healthcare provision and training people within their own communities, we are creating a culture of empowerment and longevity. 

Key to our success in beating leprosy, is that we exist within the communities we support, enabling us to build trust and transcend the myths and prejudice which cause so much harm.