Lepra attend the International Leprosy Congress

11 September 2019

Last week our team attended the 20th International Leprosy Congress, held in Manila.

Our history dates back to 1931 at the International Leprosy congress in Manila, where Lepra was recognised as the 'first leprosy prevention organisation in the world'.

Lepra was invited to the congress to continue the global conversation on leprosy and to accelerate the world towards a zero transmission rate of the disease. 

Our entire team, including our colleagues from Bangladesh and Lepra Society attended the congress. 

The congress brought together experts, scientists, medical professionals and NGO's working to beat leprosy and change the lives of those affected by the often misunderstood, but curable disease.

Our stand was extremely successful at the congress, attracting a lot of attention to our work in India, Bangladesh, Mozambique and as of recently, our partnership in Zimbabwe.

Rajni, one of our esteemed colleagues from Lepra Society, delivered powerful demonstrations in the stand about his innovative Mobile Foot Care Unit.

Our Head of Global Health, Guillermo, also delivered an excellent speech bringing attention for data collection to leprosy affected people and ongoing research into transmission rates and active case finding. 

The 20th International Leprosy Congress provides a platform for international researchers, health staff, partners and individuals affected by leprosy to share their experience and knowledge. It aims to foster a global partnership to stop the transmission of leprosy.

Huge congratulations to all that participated in this event, and we leave Manila with a renewed sense of hope and determination to finally make leprosy a disease of little consequence

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