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Programmes Teams meet with University of Essex Programmes Teams meet with University of Essex

Lepra and the University of Essex Partnership

22 September 2022

On 16 August 2022, Lepra's Programmes teams from Bangladesh and India, as well as Lepra UK, met with colleagues from our partner institution, the University of Essex. Hosted by Professor Anuj Kapilashrami, Professor in Global Health Policy and Equity (Gender and Intersectionality) and Director of Global Engagement and Partnerships, and Dr. Robert Stawski, Professor and Deputy Director of the Insitute of Public Health and Wellbeing and their PhD students.

Over the course of the meeting, Prasant Kumar Naik (Lepra Society CEO),  Arun Kumar Kandukuri (Head of Programmes, Lepra Society), Rajni Khant Singh (State Coordinator Bihar, India), David Pahan (Country Director Lepra Bangladesh), and Md. Mijanur Rahman (Program Officer - MEL Lepra Bangladesh) discussed our projects and programmes across India and Bangladesh. Together with Lepra UK colleagues, they gave an insight into leprosy control management and how this maps to academic experience, expertise and interests.

This was a great opportunity to forge forward with our partnership with the University of Essex, bringing first-hand experience together with expert academic knowledge.