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Leg it for Lepra

14 January 2020

Countdown with me to the Marathon, kicking off Sunday 26th April 2020! 

I cannot pretend I am not nervous. However, I am also extremely excited and proud to be running in aid of such an important and worthy cause. I know that every step of the journey, up until crossing the finish line, will be completely worth it.

Since joining Lepra in July 2019, it has cemented my passion to help others, especially those that are vulnerable and face prejudice and discrimination by those around them. Leprosy is not what you think. It is curable, and that's why I want to help as many people as possible through raising donations for Lepra.

I thought it might be helpful to others considering running the marathon in the future, or to those currently training, to keep updated with my training and what my next 4 months will look like. Below are my organised ramblings on how I'm preparing for the London Marathon:

Tips for motivation


Fundraising Ideas: 


Fundraising ideas

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