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In memory of Professor Radhamohan In memory of Professor Radhamohan

In memory of Professor Radhamohan (1943-2021)

15 June 2021

It is with great sadness that Lepra has learned of the death of Professor Radhamohan.


Professor Radhamohan has been an active Board member of LEPRA Society in India since 2010. He was committed to seeing first-hand the activities of LEPRA and would often visit projects on the ground. Always approachable and supportive, he recognised the efforts of the LEPRA support workers and was instrumental in improving the quality of services LEPRA provides.

Born in 1943, Professor Radhamohan obtained his bachelor’s degree in economics and later completed his master’s degree in applied economics from Utkal University. Over the course of his career, he taught at SCS College, Puri, and held numerous positions on both state and national committees, including the constitutional position of State Information Commissioner, Odisha, for a term of five years. He is recognised for his significant contribution to the Watershed Management in the state of Odisha. Together with his daughter Sabarmatee, Professor Radhamohan was awarded the prestigious Padma Shri Award, the fourth highest civilian honour of the country, in 2020 for their contribution to the agriculture sector.

On hearing the news, Geoff Prescott, CEO Lepra UK, said,

“It is very sad to hear about the passing of Professor Radhamohan. He was always such a knowledgeable, helpful and wise man. Professor Radhamohan contributed a lot to Lepra and the world in general and will be sorely missed. He will long be remembered for his good deeds, kindness and committed activities on behalf of the vulnerable and marginalised.”