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Sir Dominic Asquith in Bihar Sir Dominic Asquith in Bihar

High Commissioner visits Lepra-led project in Bihar

11 April 2019

Sir Dominic Asquith, The British High Commissioner in India, recently visited the city of Samastipur in Bihar to see the success of the continued work carried out by Lepra.

Visiting people affected by leprosy and lymphatic filariasis (LF) in the Morbidity Management and Disability Prevention clinic at the District Hospital in Samastipur, the High Commissioner was able to see the extensive range of vital support that Lepra carries out in the community of Bihar. After visiting the Primary Health Centre at Tajpur, the High Commissioner then met a number of people attending the centre for diagnosis, self-care instruction and counselling.

Aiming to further educate the High Commissioner on the topic of leprosy and to illustrate how Lepra is contributing to changing people's lives, the visit showcased the important work of the five year project in Samastipur District, Bihar. The sustainability of Lepra’s activity was also demonstrated by the integration of health resources and training of health workers.

Continuing to highlight the importance of Lepra's work in Bihar, this trip also increased the awareness of UK origin development work carried out in India. The visit also enabled the High Commissioner to witness the success of health support delivered to India by UK NGOs.

Kasturi Kilaru, Head of Fundraising LEPRA Society India, said: "The visit was inspiring and a success as the High Commissioner and the other visitors could see exactly how leprosy and LF affect people’s lives. It's been a great visit and it showcased the lengths that Lepra goes to in supporting those in need."