A group of people at a treatment centre A group of people at a treatment centre

Andie’s Work Experience

26 August 2019

On my first day at Lepra I received an informative tour around the Museum of leprosy by Sara-Jane Smith, the Human Resources Manager. Sara-Jane explained to me the importance of Lepra’s work in India, Mozambique and Bangladesh in helping those affected by leprosy. 

One of the most interesting things that I learned from my experience at Lepra is that the charity was founded in 1924. The work that has been put in by Lepra to help those affected by leprosy for the past 95 years is inspiring. I also learned that armadillos are the only animal to be able to contract leprosy. 

During my time at Lepra, I was able to read the Lepra News, which taught me so much about Lepra and how it helps to provide medical and mental support for people with leprosy. Personally, helping others is one of my goals in life, so working for Lepra seemed like a good choice for my work experience.

Since completing my work experience with Lepra, it has allowed me to not only discover what it’s like to work in an office for the first time, but has also shown me how a charity functions.

From researching possible Rotary Club contacts, to seeing how charities apply for grants to help them grow their outreach projects, I’ve learned about all the ways that the staff in Lepra support communities effected by leprosy. 

It has also helped me gain a better understanding of the opportunities available to me after I’ve finished my studies, should I choose to work within the charity sector. 

I am incredibly grateful to Lepra for giving me this opportunity.


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