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The future’s digital for Leprosy Review

26 March 2024

Published by Lepra, Leprosy Review is an open access peer reviewed journal including original papers on all aspects of leprosy.

The journal’s proud history dates to 1928 when it began as an information booklet, Leprosy Notes, for the British Empire Leprosy Relief Association (BELRA). The title of Leprosy Review was first used in 1930 – the word “Empire” appearing last in April 1957. The journal has been published quarterly since, without interruption, and is now the only peer-reviewed English language leprosy journal. Advances in technology have allowed us to transition Leprosy Review to an online publication – a move which enables us to reach a global audience across multimedia whilst strengthening our commitment to sustainability and reducing costs.

The March 2024 issue is now available to read online. This issue features a special retrospective article about Lepra's work in Malawi: :'The leprosy endgame in Malawi: From leprosy control project to national public health resource' exploriing how a Lepra-supported project in Malawi has evolved over the last 50 years from a unit initially dedicated solely to the study of leprosy epidemiology and control, to one that can apply its expertise and experience in an ever-widening array of public health challenges.

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