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Regular giving can help people affected by leprosy Regular giving can help people affected by leprosy

30 years of regular giving: helping people with the highest level of need

11 July 2022

We recently heard from the amazing Gordon Pincott, a long-term supporter of Lepra, who kindly shared his story with us, detailing how he came to be a regular giver over 30 years ago, and why he chose such an important cause. 

Thirty-three years ago I decided to fulfill a life-long dream, and travel to India for several months. I had been working for ten years but gave up my job to travel.

Before I left on my trip, I received some very good advice from a friend. I was told I would be shocked by the level of financial inequality in parts of the country and I may want to do something meaningful to help the most vulnerable people. The advice was to find an organisation that had a presence in the community, that would be able to channel my support wisely, and to the right people.    

Most evidently, people with leprosy had the highest level of need, and I felt that this was a cause where I could make the most difference. When I came back to England, I discovered that Lepra was the foremost organisation in its field working with the people who needed it most. I signed a direct debit which I am proud to say, continues to this day.

I have been back to India many times over the years and whilst the country has changed enormously, there are still a surprisingly large number of people who contract and suffer from the long-term effects of leprosy.

Over the years my direct debit has added up to enough to make a genuine difference to the people in the most need of our kindness and support. In many ways this reflects my original reason for giving, I feel it is better to channel donations to a single organisation, where the difference we can make will have the greatest impact.

On behalf of the people that Lepra support, thank you Mr Pincott for your incredible empathy, kindness and generosity. With supporters like you, we WILL beat leprosy.

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