"As I was helped by Lepra during my troubled days, I would now like to help the patients who come to me".

Narsamma Kammela is a laboratory technician at a Lepra Referral Centre in India. Despite early hardships she has turned her life around and now wants to change things for the people she meets through her job.

I was very young when my father died. My mother was supported by my uncle to raise her seven children. In 1991 I married Venkataramana who worked for the Urban Leprosy Eradication Programme (ULEP).

After my husband died suddenly in 2002, I had no source of income to support my two young sons. My uncle continued to provide me with food and shelter.

Unable to get a job, I turned to ULEP who put me in touch with Lepra. I was placed in one of their projects, cleaning and dressing the wounds of leprosy patients.

Since then, I have received substantial training from Lepra and now work as a laboratory assistant at Lepra’s Referral Centre at Vizianagaram.

Now I can provide for my family. I am very happy the way my life has unfolded.

I feel happy to help people and play my part in ridding the prejudice they face.