Hridoy, Bangladesh “My name is Hridoy and reading in class seven. We were happy with our family of four (father, mother and sister.) My father, Montu had a tea stall which was the only earning source of our family.  But one day, he developed a cough and fever but he neglected the symptoms as usual.

He went to doctor when the condition remained over the month. In the health complex, he was diagnosed as smear positive tuberculosis after the sputum test. 

Treatment started but his condition was not improving and his follow up sputum test was found positive after two months. Then he was sent to Rajshahi with the help of Lepra and diagnosed with a more complex form of TB (MDR TB, the doctor said).

HridoyOur real suffering started from that time. The doctor told us that he needed to go to the hospital for treatment. Father did not agree as he knows we would starve if he stopped working. When he returned home, UH&FPO and Lepra staff came to convince him but they failed. Then I assured him and took the responsibility to run my family. 

I had to stop going school. I engaged myself in earning our livelihood. After more than two months my father came back home from hospital, but treatment continued. He was kept in close supervision of health staff from government as well as Lepra. After eight months of injections, he started feeling better. A few months later, my father started his business and I started my school again. When I have time, I help father in his shop. We are happy now. I counsel the customers to go to doctor if they have any symptoms of Tuberculosis. I love to watch cartoons on television. Please pray for my father.”

Our happiness revolves around my father's health. We starve as my father gets sick, but he takes me to school when he is well...

With your help and support we were able to help care for and treat Hridoy’s father enabling him to eventually return to work. This meant that Hridoy could return to his education.

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