Eat cake and change lives

Celebrate and support women this International Women's Day is by hosting a life-changing tea!

What better excuse to get together with your friends for an afternoon of tea, cake and fundraising?

You could turn tea into dignity and independence

£3, the price of a cup of tea and a cookie could pay for a self-care kit.

£6, the price of a cappuccino and a slice of gateau could provide 2 pairs of custom-made sandals allowing a woman to walk pain and injury free for an entire year.

It’s as easy as 1, 2… tea!

Making a success of your life-changing tea couldn’t be easier.

All you have to do is keep the tea and coffee flowing and ensure you bake or buy lots of tasty treats like scones and cakes for all of your guests, and simply ask for a donation in return.

You will have a lovely time with your guests and the icing on the cake is that the funds you raise will help women in India, Bangladesh and Mozambique who are affected by neglected diseases like leprosy and lymphatic filariasis.

Ann Lloyd-Jones from Liverpool held a life-changing tea and managed to raise over £600:

I think many people believe that leprosy is a thing of the past and have no idea of the suffering it still causes so I wanted to promote Lepra's work and the way it gives people new hope and a new life through fighting not just the disease but, the prejudice and poverty it brings with it. We had a struggle to limit the numbers to 40 as we couldn't seat any more people!

Top tipsAnns life-changing tea for Lepra

To make you tea party a sweet success we’ve got a few pointers:

  • Choosing the right venue – if you plan to host a large tea it might be ideal to use a church hall or community centre instead
  • Invite everyone – whether it’s family, friends or neighbours, invite everyone to your life-changing tea!

Ann said: 

It was a wonderful afternoon with such a mix of our own and our daughter's friends and we left lots of leaflets and collection boxes around.

    • Raising money – we want you to be able to raise as much money as possible to help the women we work with, tell everyone it’s a fundraising event, and order your free Lepra money boxes from our shop to collect some of the smaller donations
    • A helping hand – you want your tea to be as successful as possible so ask your friends to help out
    • Prepare some sarnies - it's best to precede the sweet treats with some savoury snacks
    • Ann Lloyd-Jones quote about her life-changing tea eventGet baking – cakes, cupcakes, tray bakes, biscuits, scones… the more the merrier! Don’t forget you can find some unique recipes in our Lepra cook book or try one of our supporters Ann's scone recipe

Want to promote your life-changing tea party?

Simply download our poster from here, print them off and share the word!

How to get the money to us

You can get the money to us in a number of ways which you can on our ways to donate page.

Or you can donate to us through Just Giving!