The facts:

This project covers the entire state of Odisha which comprises of 44.26 million people across 30 districts. The state is one of the high endemic states of the country when it comes to leprosy which is why we are working there to tackle this. It also covers the eastern state of Telangana which also has a high prevalence of leprosy.

We have set up a technical resource unit designed to tackle diagnosis, treatment and care to those affected and have staff that travel to the more remote and rural locations to fidn those cases of leprosy which may have gone undiagnosed.

The aim:

The project goal is to strengthen the state’s existing leprosy programme along with the disability prevention services available in Odisha. More specifically we want to:

  • Improve the existing diagnosis and treatment services available
  • Facilitate reconstructive surgeries in collaboration with the local government
  • Conduct research on the issue of rising trend of severe disabilities as a result of leprosy

What exactly are we doing?

We are providing technical support to the local government at the Technical Resource Unit in Bhubaneswar. Here we offer referral services for those cases of leprosy which are hard to manage and diagnose as well as overseeing complicated ulcer management.

The centre also provides our custom-made shoes to those who need them and reviews cases of reconstructive surgery.  

How you can help?

Learn more about the types of fundraising you can do to help us continue in the smooth running of this facility that not provides children, women and men with vital healthcare services.