Stop a child with leprosy becoming disfigured

Leprosy doesn’t kill. But it does take hands and feet. It does mean children with leprosy will gradually become disfigured, disabled and shunned. Unless they are treated fast. Because leprosy can be cured. Could you heal a child, with a gift to Lepra? 

"I didn’t tell my best friend, in case she wouldn’t be my friend anymore."

With your help, we can reach a child before their leprosy really takes hold. Someone like you gave a donation that helped us find Laxmipriya. In time. 

I thought I couldn

"I found a white patch on my skin which was numb, and I burned my hand because I couldn’t feel anything. When I was told I had leprosy, I was very sad as I thought it couldn’t be cured. I didn’t tell my best friend, in case she wouldn’t be my best friend anymore."

One of our doctors diagnosed Laxmipriya, and gave her medication for six months to stop her leprosy in its tracks and cure her. Leprosy had already bent her fingers and made her very stiff, so we funded reconstructive surgery to correct the damage, and physiotherapy so she could get back to her classes at school.

"I’m so happy I’ve had the operation,’ she says. ‘I can write and eat without help again."

How Lepra helps children with leprosy

With your help, we can reach a child before they are disfigured by leprosy.

  • Our local healthworkers go out into villages
  • They find children hidden away because of stigma
  • We encourage parents to bring them to our clinics
  • Our doctors diagnose them
  • And our doctors and healthworkers give them free medication that treats them
  • We also fund reconstructive surgery to correct any damage already caused by the disease
  • To combat stigma and encourage people to spot leprosy early and come for treatment, we also hold workshops in schools

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