We've got something for your choir to sing about!

Could your choir join us in our fight against disease, poverty and prejudice?

We work on the ground in India, Bangladesh and Mozambique with people affected by leprosy and other neglected diseases. These diseases keep the world’s most marginalised people in poverty. We work to fight the prejudice that people affected by disease face, and give them the support to help them rebuild their lives and look forward to a fulfilling future. 

Hold a concert to help #BeatLeprosy

By holding a fundraising concert for us you can help us give a voice to people affected by leprosy and change lives for the better and forever.

A concert is a great way for your choir to showcase your talent and have fun whilst raising awareness and support for some of the world's forgotten people. 

Your chior could help us continue to treat, educate and rehabilitate people affected by leprosy. No matter how much your concert raises, you will help us to make a difference.

What Lepra can do for you

  • Our communications team can create a press release for your event
  • We can promote your event through our social media channels
  • We will print the tickets, flyers and programmes for the event
  • We can provide a banner and information about our work

How we help

LaxmipriyaLaxmipriya was 12 years old when she was diagnosed with leprosy. She developed a disability in her hand which meant she couldn't write anymore. She had to have reconstructive surgery to restore the function in her hand.

Read Laxmipriya's story

5 year old AadilFive year old Aadil was diagnosed with leprosy at just three years old. His father also had leprosy and now his younger brother has symptoms. 

Read Aadil's story

For more information and to arrange your Concert to #BeatLeprosy please contact Eileen Evans on:

Tel: 01327 843322
Email: [email protected]