The facts:

The LLD project is one of Lepra’s community development projects that ran from April 2014 until March 2016 in the Bogra district of Bangladesh.

The aim: 

The project aimed to reduce discrimination and stigma, and to establish the rights of people affected by leprosy. The project worked to include people affected by leprosy and their families into mainstream society through various innovative approaches such as livelihood activities, self-care and training on human rights issues.

What we did:

  • Provided training on advocacy, community development and livelihood improvement
  • Displayed key messages on leprosy in 15 different public places
  • Provided health education through schools
  • Organised advocacy meetings with government health staff and service providers
  • Provided training for nurses and health staff to increase their knowledge on leprosy and ulcer management

What we achieved:

  • We formed 100 self-help groups in which people affected by leprosy and other vulnerable community members come together to learn about new ways of earning an income, set up joint savings accounts and support each other with daily difficulties and claiming their legal rights
  • The self-help groups have united in 12 sub-district federations to form a district federation
  • We trained 196 health workers
  • We distributed 540 pairs of protective footwear and 79 other assistive devices

The facts:

  • The self-help groups have a total of 961 members, of which 90% meet twice a month
  • 62 self-help group members have gone on to become representatives in local level government working committees
  • 44% of people from our self-help groups have set up a small business
  • 92 self-help groups have established savings accounts which provide group members the start-up capital for their business

What next?

We are continuing part of the activities from this project in our new Sustainable Development Project. This one aims to strengthen the self-help groups already in place while aiming to get the federation running as a properly registered organisation.