On International Women's Day comedian, Jo Brand, is helping us to raise awareness of how disease can disproportionately affect women. As well as the stigma that can come as a result of having a disese like leprosy, Brand highlights that the isolation and prejudice could contribute to mental health issues.

Read her full statement below:

“It comes as a serious and painful realisation to be informed that leprosy is still a contractible disease and, as always, in the poorest parts of the world where treatment and rehabilitation are least available. And as always, for a woman to contract leprosy is to suffer the full impact of the condition- ostracision from their family, reduced access to treatment and inevitably much more likely to experience mental health issues as a result of this inequality and isolation.

I am supporting Lepra with my sincere hopes the continuation of their campaign on International Women’s Day, Tuesday 8th March, to highlight the plight of females affected by leprosy will galvanise a response, and you can be a part of that too.” 

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