Current edition of Leprosy Review

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A gender focus on case finding through active detection methods in India

J Mangeard-Lourme, Building the case for the integration of MH into NTD programmes

Morbidity management and disability prevention for lymphatic filariasis 

Social Return on Investment for Active Case Finding 

J.Mangeard-Lourme et al,Enhanced Active Case-Finding Activities, Identifying Leprosy Cases Missed by Recent Detection Campaigns in Mungar District, Bihar India

D.N.J. Lockwood et al, Full_Hazards_of_Setting_Targets_to_Eliminate_Disease: Lessons from the Leprosy Elimination Campaign

W. Cairns Smith et al, The Missing Millions: a Threat to the Elimination of Leprosy 

C. Guedes Salgado et al, Are Leprosy Numbers Reliable? 

O.C. Kurian, Leprosy and Inequities in India's Healthcare: Beyond the Persistant Rhetoric of 'Elimination'

D.N.J. Lockwood et al, Reply to the Role of Contact Tracing and Prevention Strategies in the Interruption of Leprosy Transmission 

D.N.J. Lockwood, Chronic Aspects of Leprosy - Neglected but Important 

D.N.J._Lockwood et al, Single Dose Rifampicin Chemoprophylaxis Protects those who Need it and is not a Cost Effective Intervention

D.J.Chandler et al, Household_Costs_of_Leprosy Reactions in Rural India

M.Haanpää et al, Neuropathic_Pain_in_Leprosy

D.N.J.Lockwood et al, Hazards of Setting Targets to Eliminate Disease: Lessons from the Leprosy Elimination Campaign

D.N.J.Lockwood et al, Reply_to_the_Role_of_Contact_Tracing_and_Prevention_Strategies_in_the_Interruption_of_Leprosy Transmission

R.J.Hay et al, Skin Related Neglected Tropical Diseases (Skin-NTD's)

D.N.J Lockwood et al, Three Drugs are Unnecessary for Treating Paucibacillary Leprosy - a Critique of the WHO Guidelines