Lepra value - people centredPeople-centred

Together with the people we work with and for, we acknowledge the world from their perspective. We work to ensure that people can influence the decisions that affect them and work to raise the voice of those living on the margins of society.

Our projects put people at the heart of what we do. They involve thousands of local volunteers and community champions who are able to bring health services and information to their own communities. Many of these are women, who have a vital role to play in the overall health of society. We support equality and social justice.

Lepra value - transparent and accountableTransparent and Accountable

We value our relationship with you and your trust which means providing up-to-date information on our work and explaining where your money goes.

You can view our where your money goes page on our website to see an overview of the most recent year’s figures of how we spent your generous donations helping people affected by disease.

We also have an open information section on our website where users can find published information including our annual reports and finances, and our policies such as the Chief Executive Salary Statement.

Lepra value - demonstrating bold leadershipInnovative and demonstrating bold leadership

We are one of the world’s leading authorities on leprosy and apply our 92 years of expertise to other diseases. We look to develop sustainable, cost effective solutions and maintain best practice in the field.

Our teams on the ground have pioneered many successful models that have been adopted by others including governments and international organisations.

One of the ways in which we demonstrate being innovative, is through our use of live data collection in the field.  Our staff on the ground use an app called KoBoToolBox to collect real time data when interviewing the people we work with. This information can then be seen viewed straight away back in the office. This allows us to be more accurate and up-to-date with our data collection.

Lepra value - effective and efficientEffective and efficient

We demonstrate being effective and efficient in our project work. One of our most widely used activities is delivering community based health and livelihood programmes directly to people affected by diseases such as leprosy, and lymphatic filariasis (LF). This allows us to teach whole communities about the diseases to raise awareness, and show them how their lives can be improved through simple techniques.

We also train people affected by leprosy to become leaders of self-help groups, allowing them to draw from their very own experience and help others also affected by diseases.

Lepra value - collaborativeCollaborative

We work collaboratively not only within Lepra in the UK, but with Lepra in India and Lepra in Bangladesh to achieve our goal in fighting disease, poverty and prejudice.

We also work in Mozambique in partnership with the Netherlands Leprosy Relief (NLR) working to build on the capacity of staff as well as strengthening leprosy and LF control programmes.