Leave a lasting legacy 

Play a crucial part in beating leprosy by leaving a gift to us in your will. 

We believe that no child, woman or man should have to live undiagnosed with a curable disease due to misdiagnosis and fear of social exclusion.

Your Will is a testament to you and your beliefs. If you share ours, you can help us to continue to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate people with leprosy, with the vision to one day beating the disease altogether.

Why Lepra?

For over 95 years, we have played an integral part in diagnosing and treating, raising awareness, reducing poverty and breaking the prejudice associated with leprosy.

600 people are diagnosed with leprosy each day - more than 50 of these will be children

We work in some of the world’s poorest communities to help people access treatment, enabling them to improve their health and mobility, fight poverty and discrimination and live normal, healthy lives.

Information Booklet 

Download our free information booklet to find out more about leaving a gift in your Will. 

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Your gift will make a difference

A gift in your Will of any size makes a difference to people in the most difficult of circumstances. Even just 1% of your Will can change lives.

How your money could help:

£140 will train 30 government health care workers about leprosy enabling them to recognise the symptoms

£266 funds a medical officer for one month to diagnose and treat leprosy

£510 will fund a community outreach worker for one year, helping to spot the symptoms of leprosy 

£1,040 funds a nurse for a year to care for patients after reconstructive surgery

£3,211 pays for a surgeon to undertake 450 reconstructive surgeries to restore mobility in a year

£10,100 enables a mobile footwear van to travel a state to provide shoes for people affected by leprosy, alleviating pain and restoring a sense of normality 

£13,200 will pay for a new health education van, allowing us to raise awareness about leprosy to whole communities  

More information 

Find out more about where your money goes
Find out more about making a will, or how to update an existing will on the UK government’s website 

What to do

If you have any questions about gifts in Wills, or about our work in general, please contact:

Donor Support on 01206 216700 or email them at [email protected].