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World Leprosy Day Sign the pledge

Lepra’s Positive Action Pledge.

World Leprosy Day is a unique opportunity for us to ‘Shine a Light on Leprosy’.

Shine a Light on Leprosy

Despite being the oldest known disease, leprosy continues to affect millions of the world’s most vulnerable people, causing needless disabilities, social and psychological harm. Leprosy has a cure and if caught early, the free and simple treatment will change lives.

Through signing up to a positive action pledge, no matter how small, you can play a valuable role in helping Lepra raise awareness of this forgotten disease, and the people it affects for World Leprosy Day.

A greater awareness of leprosy will help us secure longer-term support for community research and healthcare, which improves the effectiveness of detection, treatment and holistic care, helping us reach the World Health Organization’s leprosy control targets by 2030.

Examples of pledges could include:

Your pledges will be stored anonymously on our internal database that only staff from this campaign will have access to. Please make sure you keep you pledge anonymous when you leave it. Your pledge may be shared in the future as examples of positive action. If you would not like your pledge shared please state so in the text box. If you change your mind at a later date and would like your pledge removed or not shared, please let us know.