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Trusts and foundations

Trusts and foundations play a crucial role helping us reach out to thousands of people affected by leprosy and help restore their lives.

With the support of our amazing partners, last year we were able to make an impact to 252,000 people directly through diagnosis, treatment and care.

By providing health education and events to raise awareness of leprosy we reached a further 1.3 million people.

Across all of our work it costs us £21 to reach someone directly with an intervention to change their life.

How we help

Our teams working in Bangladesh, India and Zimbabwe bring about real change to people’s lives.

Whether it is providing children with the treatment to allow them to return to school free from leprosy and disability, or giving adults the skills needed to set up a new business when a leprosy-related disability prevents them returning to their previous job.

By raising awareness, pushing for early detection and supporting people living with disabilities caused by leprosy, we are working towards a day when this disease no longer destroys lives.

Working with trusts and foundations

The support of long-term strategic partnerships with trusts and foundations enables us to take on new challenges, push boundaries and make a commitment to help some of the most vulnerable and under resourced people in the world.

We understand that every trust and foundation has different aims and priorities and, as such, we aim to establish personal relationship with every one in order to share as much relevant information about our projects as possible, in order to understand specific needs and interests.

There are a variety of ways trusts and foundations can help us, some provide support to specific projects and others give either one-off or annual unrestricted gifts which allow us to use these resources to address our current priorities.

The Souter Charitable Trust supports people affected by leprosy:

"We are delighted to support Lepra in their important ongoing work in helping to eradicate leprosy and treating sufferers with dignity and respect."

If you would like to see how you can make an immediate impact on people’s lives today, please contact our Trusts Fundraiser, Phoebe Nicholson on or 01206 216734