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Schools and young people

We think it’s important that children and young people are aware of the world around them. That’s why for over 25 years we have been visiting schools and youth groups to educate young people about the damaging effects of the world’s oldest and most neglected disease, leprosy.

Fundraising is a fun way for children to learn about some of the issues that affect their world and gives them the opportunity to learn that a contribution, however big or small, can make a huge difference.

Our education project has been designed by teachers and experts in international aid to support school's own strategies around embedding British Values and Citizenship curriculum effectively into pupils learning.  It offers the opportunity for students to learn about the importance of charities and the role they play as global citizens.

Getting involved can also empower them as individuals and teach them valuable life skills such as literacy and numeracy, organisation, creativity and healthy living.

Why fundraise for Lepra?

Our comprehensive schools' programme is delivered by a network of friendly community fundraisers, who have experience delivering presentations to a variety of age groups.

They will help students understand and feel enthusiastic about the cause they are supporting. 

At Chailey School, our year 7 students have been supporting Lepra as their chosen year group charity for the past three years. The students are very enthusiastic about the fundraising for this charity, as they are shown a very powerful assembly to get them motivated.

J Hickman – Year 7 Student Support & Transition Manager – Chailey School East Sussex

We’ll organise everything for you

Your local Community Fundraiser will visit your school to deliver an educational presentation carefully tailored to your chosen age group.

We’ll work with you to find a date that suits you and provide you with posters, leaflets and information sheets to reduce the administrative burden.

Children can collect sponsorship using one of our fun and simple sponsorship forms, or using an online donation page that we'll set up specifically for your school.

More ways to get involved

Download our Fundraising Guide giving young people ideas of fun, easy activities to inspire them to raising funds to help children affected by leprosy. 

Get your Fundraising Guide

How your school's fundraising will help

  • £6 buys a pair of shoes so someone can walk again
  • £38 can give health education to a school of up to 100 children
  • £70 funds the educational support for a child living in a leprosy colony, so they can go to school

What your school will receive  

Every school we visit receives plenty of materials to help them on their fundraising journey!

Our community fundraisers will provide each school with a box of fundraising goodies including; bunting, pictures, badges, stickers, markers, worksheets and other materials to help them reach their fundraising goal!