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Giving Tuesday

Give the gift of Gift Aid this Giving Tuesday, and turn 2021 into a year of hope.

Giving Tuesday, a day of global giving, takes place on the 1st December 2020. Around the world it is a day when people come together to support the causes and communities important to them.

Our message on this Giving Tuesday is simple:

For every £1 you donate, Lepra is able to claim an extra 25p back from HMRC, so long as you pay the basic rate of tax. Better still is the fact that we can claim this retrospectively on all the wonderful donations you have made over the last 4 years!

Our ask on this Giving Tuesday is simple too:

Please complete our online Gift Aid form or print and return our Gift Aid declaration form as soon as possible. Our dedicated team will do the rest.

Last year, Lepra’s Gift Aid claim was in excess of £104,000, which highlights just how vital maximising this scheme is. Funding of this scale can cover the cost of running 3 referral centres for a whole year, as well as paying for 2 brand new health education vans which visit remote villages in rural areas, providing support to people with leprosy and lymphatic filariasis.

These are life-changing services; one such person who can verify this is Shakila, pictured below.

Shakila was just seven years old when the first signs of leprosy appeared on her body.

As her condition worsened, ulcers began covering her face, she suffered hair loss and her hands became weak and disfigured. Shakila’s mother took her to the local doctor, who misdiagnosed her condition, a common problem in leprosy diagnosis. Five years later and still without treatment, 12 year-old Shakila covered her face with a scarf and alienated herself from the people who branded her ‘diseased’.

Just when Shakila and her family were giving up hope, Sarita, a Lepra co-ordinator came to their village to deliver a leprosy awareness raising campaign. From that day, their lives changed.

As children and elders from the village flocked to the Lepra van, Sarita noticed Shakila’s veiled figure standing afar. Sarita sought out Shakila and decided to take her straight to the hospital.

Shakila started on a 12-month antibiotic treatment, and slowly but surely her face cleared up, her hair started to regrow, and she stopped covering her face and head. Shakila’s family could not believe that she had recovered. They also could not believe that the treatment from Lepra had been provided free of charge.

Now, every time Sarita visits the village, Shakila joyfully greets her with a warm hug. By supporting Lepra, you are already part of these life-changing stories.

By completing your gift aid declaration today, your wonderful donations will go even further.

Together, we will beat leprosy.