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Facebook Charitable Giving

Lepra has joined Facebook Charitable Giving, this means anyone with a Facebook account can set up their own fundraiser and help people affected by leprosy.

Facebook fundraisers are similar to other platforms such as Just Giving, however these fundraiser pages will feature on your personal Facebook profile page, and you can notify friends and family about your fundraiser through Facebook.

How to set up a Facebook Fundraiser

Go to

Click the ‘Raise Money’ button to open a new box with a search bar  

Facebook fundraiser

Type Lepra, select us as your charity and click the 'Create Now' button.

A Facebook page will be created and you will be prompted to invite your friends to take part. Inviting people will give them a notification alerting them to the fundraiser page, so the more people invited will hopefully mean more people take part/ donate.

Invite your friends to donate

 The fundraiser page is similar to a regular profile page where you can add a cover photo for the fundraiser.

Creators can set a fundraising goal and there will be a barometer to measure progress towards this goal. The donation buttons in the centre of the picture below can be changed to whatever amount you want. For example, £9.50, £95, £995, £9,500, Other. You can also select the number of donation buttons so there can be more or fewer suggested donation buttons, we recommend three.

Share your Facebook fundraiser

Examples of fundraisers

There are many ways you can set up fundraisers to attract donations:

  • Birthday/ special event fundraisers - ask friends and family to donate to your fundraiser instead of sending cards or other presents. For more information, check out our 'Your Present, Their Future' campaign.
  • Passionate about a cause - help us to raise awareness about leprosy by promoting the importance of early diagnosis for people affected by the disease.
  • Take on a challenge event - take on a challenge and use a Facebook fundraiser page to gain donations. Invite people to the page and encourage them to donate with update posts about your progress.