Want your schools’ artistic talents to be displayed on bunting throughout Kent during a re-enactment of medieval history?

We’ve partnered with local Co-op stores in Kent, where they will be displaying students’ artwork in relation to this event.

What to do

All you have to do is download and print the bunting template from here, have your students create their fantastic medieval themed designs and then drop into your local Co-op store.

Need inspiration?

Why not try one of the following themed designs?

  • Knights walking
  • Armour
  • Rochester and Canterbury Cathedrals
  • Flags - Knights of St Lazarus emblem and also Lepra logo

The Knights of Medway are a volunteer organisation who raise money for good causes. They are embarking upon a 5 day walk throughout Kent, starting at Rochester Cathedral on Wednesday 31st May and arriving at Canterbury Cathedral on the morning of Sunday 4th June in full armour weighing 35kg.

Closing date 26th May 2017