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Socks and sandals Socks and sandals

Socks and Sandals

Take part in the Socks and Sandals Challenge!

Make a statement with your footwear - wear eye-catching socks and sandals and donate!

During May, here at Lepra, we declare it the start of the Socks and Sandals season.  We encourage our supporters to make a statement with their footwear by wearing eye-catching socks and sandals. The more colourful and wackier the socks, the better!

Why socks and sandals?

One of the effects of leprosy is that it often causes nerve damage in the feet, leading people to be susceptible to injuries and ulcers.

We provide protective, tailor-made, sandals to help people to walk comfortably and without fear of possible injury.

These sandals cost just £6 to make.  Last year, we distributed more than 30,000 pairs of protective shoes to people with leprosy and lymphatic filariasis.

By getting involved in our socks and sandals week this year, you can help us provide even more protective footwear by raising the profile of the work we do. 

Three simple steps

  1. Find some whacky socks and a pair of sandals or shoes. 
  2. Put them on 
  3. Take a photograph and share it across your social media networks telling your friends and family that leprosy still exists, that it still affects the lives of people every day and that it is curable with the right treatment.