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A New Face for Leprosy

Date: Throughout 2023 and 2024

Registration fee: Free

In 2019 Lepra Trustee and Emeritus Professor Diana Lockwood travelled to India with documentary photographer Tom Bradley to create a thought-provoking series of portraits and real-life stories, highlighting the physical, social and emotional impact of this forgotten disease.

In the spring of 2023, Diana and Tom took the project to Bangladesh, to find real-life stories of people affected by leprosy in a post-pandemic landscape. 

The ‘New Faces for Leprosy’ exhibition details the reality of leprosy, focusing on positive messages about the curative nature of multidrug therapy and the support of staff and other affected people at Lepra’s health centres in India and Bangladesh.

Come and see Tom Bradley’s amazing work and talk to Lepra’s team about the extraordinary projects and programmes which support the most vulnerable members of society in India and Bangladesh.

To register your interest in the New Faces of Leprosy exhibition please do get in touch!




Date: Throughout 2023 and 2024

Registration fee: Free

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