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Creative Fundraising Project Creative Fundraising Project

Creative Fundraising Project

The Creative Fundraising Project gives students the opportunity to partake in an educational project whilst making a real difference to the lives of others, the millions of people affected by leprosy.

What will students learn?

Using our expert knowledge, we foster a connection between UK students and people living in very different circumstances to them. This project has been designed to support school’s own strategies around embedding British Values effectively into pupils learning offers the opportunity for students to learn about the importance of charities and the role they play as global citizens.

Students will then have an opportunity to transform a person’s life by fundraising for Lepra with their own creative and entrepreneurial project, with the help of ideas and tips from us.

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How can our students take part?

Students love taking on their own fundraising challenges. Whether it's a sponsored bounce, a hair-raising climb or selling bubble tea to classmates, your students can have so much fun, all whilst raising much-needed funds for Lepra!

Creative fundraising ideas will be rewarded with individual certificates as well as a framed display certificate for your school.

Fundraising Resources


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