Helping the world’s poorest in their fight against leprosy and prejudice it brings, is something everyone can sign up to

We recognise and believe in the value of partnering with companies and organisations to deliver our goal of improving the lives of people affected by leprosy and other neglected diseases.

Working with us can positively influence your internal communications, supporting and developing relationships between colleagues.

Collaboration can motivate staff, promote creativity and project a positive external image, adding value and enhancing your brand.

Join with our 95-year track record of success and our credibility in the international development arena. Be part of delivering healthcare and health education to over two million people in some of the world’s poorest communities.

Lepra’s field staff go where others cannot or don’t want to go. If your company shares people-focused values and wants to gain business benefits in a constructive way, we would be delighted to discuss a tailored programme of activity with you.


Call or email:

Kieran Allen - Community and Corporate Partnerships Manager for the North

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Ros Kerry - Community and Corporate Partnerships Manager for Scotland

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Abi Wells - Community and Corporate Partnerships Manager for the South

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Our partners


Pavers, the York-based comfort shoe retailer funded our first ever mobile foot care unit in India. It travels around the Indian state of Bihar providing custom-made shoes for people affected by leprosy and lymphatic filariasis (LF).

People affected by the two diseases can lose feeling in parts of their body, including their feet. When a person loses sensation, they can develop injuries without even realising it, which can lead to infection. Foot care is exceptionally important in the rehabilitation process and custom-made shoes enable those who have lost sensation in their feet to restore a sense of normality, independence and lower the risk of infection.

Pavers funding this van has been vital in allowing us to deliver some of our life-changing work.

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Here is what strategic brand consultancy Industry, had to say about supporting Lepra.

"When we set up the company we said we would act as a responsible business, making sure we invested back in society. We do this in two ways. The first is giving work experience to young people with the aim of inspiring them about the world of work.

The second is through pro bono work. We invest about 10% of our time annually doing pro bono work for charities. It is our chance to make a difference. But it has many benefits for the business too. It broadens our portfolio and takes us into new areas of work. It helps us make new contacts. It builds our reputation. And it is motivating for our employees.

Working with Lepra was a brilliant experience. The leadership team at Lepra had a clear idea about what they wanted to achieve and were receptive to new ideas and creative thinking. That meant we were able to take a huge leap forward creatively and get to a solution we all really believed in."

-Sholto Lindsay-Smith, Founding Director, Industry

Haddenham Healthcare

"We first got to hear about Lepra's amazing work when I met two of the staff at the British Lymphology conference. Rajni's presentation at the conference brought home the huge problem which exists in India surrounding lymphatic filariasis. We wanted to do something to help and donating our specialist compression garments was just one way we could support Lepra's work. The feedback we received from Rajni reporting on the successful outcome for people using our garments was heart-warming."   Haddenham Healthcare logo

Tim Gabb, General Manager, Haddenham Healthcare

We help improve lives through our business grants

Nilu struggled to regain her livelihood when she was cured of leprosy, so we also helped her build a business which enabled her to support her family.

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