Our staff use the KoBoToolbox app on mobile phones to collect real-time data when interviewing the people we work with.

This data collection is already making a difference. At the start of our Community Action for Hygiene and Health programme in Bangladesh, the data gave us really vital information on the water, sanitation and hygiene needs of the local population.

From the data recorded by our field workers, we know that 88% of the women and men collect their water from a well without a pump. More than 30% said that the water they use is dirty or has a bad taste or smell and 61% don’t know whether their water is safe. On average, it takes 30 minutes to fetch water from a well.

Santosh Roy, Field Organiser, in Bogra district tells us more: “We have already interviewed more than 400 people, recording their responses on the phone. Then, we connect to the internet and send the information to Vera, one of the programmes officers in Colchester. She analyses the data and sends us back really useful summaries and analysis. It is really amazing to get the information like this! It saves time and is easy to understand.”