Schools’ Centenary Challenge

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Your school can become a ‘Lepra Centenary School Sensation’ by raising £1,000.

You will receive a digital badge, a certificate and a personalised thank you card from our CEO, along with a mention on our website and newsletter.

Any pupil who raises £100 or more will be awarded the title of a ‘Lepra Centenary Hero’ and receive a personalised certificate, a Lepra badge and highlighter pen.

We can support you by providing a personalised virtual assembly talk, JustGiving page, parent letter, tutorial resources, sponsorship envelopes and more.

How can you fundraise for Lepra?

Silly Shoesday

Strap on your imagination and lace up the fun! It's time for a Silly Shoesday! Get ready to showcase your wild and wacky shoes, socks, or footwear creations in celebration of a century of Lepra’s fight against leprosy.

This isn't just about silly shoes or socks, it's a celebration of individuality and the joy of stepping out of the ordinary for a good cause. Whether you're rocking your sports footwear, your favourite colourful socks with sandals, odd and colourful shoes and socks, furry slides, or just something downright eccentric and completely DIY’d – every shoe or funny sock tells a story.

Leprosy-induced nerve damage exposes people to risks which may result in harm to their fingers, toes, and feet. Throughout its 100 years, Lepra has provided protective footwear to people affected by leprosy and LF.

Let’s donate 100 shoes, one for every year of Lepra’s active work! £6 will purchase a pair of protective sandals enabling a child affected by leprosy to walk to school without further injury or infection.

Join us for a Silly Shoesday full of laughter, style, and a whole lot of sole!

Bake it Happen!

Get ready to 'Bake It Happen' and sweeten the deal for Lepra’s 100-year anniversary! Join us for a scrumptious fundraising bake sale that promises to satisfy your cravings and make a positive impact in the lives of thousands of vulnerable people affected by leprosy and LF.

Every cookie, cake, and pastry purchased contributes to Lepra’s vision of a world free from the prejudice and disability associated with leprosy and LF. 'Bake It Happen' isn't just about the delicious goodies; it's about baking a brighter future for thousands in India and Bangladesh, as £100 will enable a school education programme to reach over 1,000 pupils helping them to identify the symptoms of leprosy.

Bring your hearty appetite for generosity.

Let's turn the joy of baking into an opportunity to end leprosy together.

Get involved!

How your fundraising will help

92p in every pound donated, goes directly to funding our research, treatment and advocacy services. The remaining 8p helps us raise the next pound!

£1000 will provide 20 self-care training sessions providing 200 people affected by leprosy with vital information on caring for ulcers to prevent further complications and disability,

To start your fundraising, please get in touch with Maria Colmenares Velandia at