There is a manufacturing problem with the latest batch of "bendy man" clocks that have been distributed to schools since 23rd January 2017. 

This means that access to the battery compartment at the top of the "bendy man's" head is too easy. This defect could result in unintended release of the AG10/LR54 button cell battery, which is a choking hazard for younger children/siblings. We have not found any issues with "bendy man" clock distributed prior to this date.

Children are advised to stop using the Bendy man clock immediately.

We are concerned at the risk of serious harm to younger children and are therefore asking parents to return the product to the school for us to collect or to safely dispose of them.

Replacement information 

  • We will be replacing the “bendy man” clocks
  • However at the moment, our focus is on safeguarding children/students and resolving the current safety issue
  • Due to this we have not been able to make the decision on what the replacement will be yet
  • We will do all we can to provide the new item as soon as possible

For more information please email: 

[email protected]