The facts:

In 1997 Lepra was chosen as the charity for Blue Peter’s annual ‘Bring and Buy Sale.’ This raised over £2,500,000 which was the most that had ever been raised by a Blue Peter appeal and it meant that in December of 1999, the Blue Peter Research Centre opened. The centre remains an excellent training and treatment facility for those with leprosy. It offers a unique combination of high quality research coupled with clinical practice.

Over the years the Blue Peter Health Research Centre has continued to conduct research into leprosy and other neglected disease in the hope of identifying components that could improve the lives of those affected. It is located just outside of Hyderabad and is world renowned and respected for its research.

The aim:

The centre aims to enhance the quality of healthcare for persons affected by leprosy, lymphatic filariasis, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS and helping them to do this is the undertaking of research. This improves the knowledge around infectious diseases and can lead to further support. 

What exactly are we doing?

Inside the centre there are teams of researchers conducting surveys that are revealing more about the infectious diseases we work with. In terms of services to those affected by diseases like leprosy, the centre also:  

  • offers counselling
  • Screens and diagnoses patients before offering treatment
  • Provides protective footwear and ulcer care
  • Offers physiotherapy services
  • Goes into communities to raise awareness of leprosy, tuberculosis and lymphatic filariasis

How you can help?

Learn more about the types of fundraising you can do to help us continue in the smooth running of this facility that not only provides children, women and men with healthcare services but is leading the way in research to fight them on a higher level.