Bhumisuta discovered she had leprosy when she was just 19 years old. She thought she would be shunned by her community and she was particularly frightened that once her fiancé discovered she had leprosy, he would reject her too.

However, Bhumisuta’s fears quickly turned to relief and joy. Her family were caring, understanding and supportive. And when she told her fiancé, he said that he still loved her and wanted to continue with their marriage, regardless of his family’s reaction.

She says “My fiancé knows about the leprosy. We haven’t told his parents yet and we won’t tell them until after the wedding. My fiancé refused to tell them. There may be problems ahead, but with him at my side, I feel confident.” With this support Bhumisuta has successfully completed a year of treatment. At times it has been tough.

This young woman had to spend three months in hospital and endure very painful physiotherapy. However, knowing she has love and support has helped her overcome these challenges and feel positive about the future again.


Bhumisuta is now cured and she's had reconstructive surgery to give her back full use of her hands. Recently, Dr Pati visited her and saw that she is now able to eat, cook and do housework- all things she struggled with before. When we had last spoken she had told us she had a fiancé but was worried his family would prevent the marriage if they discovered her condition. Now she tells us the wedding will be soon and Lepra is invited!