Women are living with undiagnosed leprosy because cultural barriers mean they cannot attend a health centre or see a male health worker alone.

As a result many have developed severe, life-changing disabilities, and many more are at risk unless they receive treatment fast.

We are training female Community Champions to help reach these women and give them the support they need.

But we desperately need to train more.

Just £13 could help us train another female Community Champion today.

Support women now

For women living with leprosy, our Community Champions provide a lifeline.

Community Champions are allowed to visits women without the need for a chaperone, because they are female.

They can easily refer women for diagnosis and treatment as well as follow up with home visits to offer further support. 

Our Community Champions help women like Monowara

Monowara had been living with leprosy for many years - unaware of the disease.

It was only when our Community Champion, Rony, visited her, that Monowara discovered she may have leprosy.

She says,

"It was very shocking news for me, but Rony has supported me like a daughter.

I am very happy because now I am free from leprosy, regularly taking care of my foot and Rony still visits and supports me."

This community approach ensures that that vulnerable people and, in particular, women can be found and treated. 

Your gift today, can help more women stand together and receive the vital healthcare they need. 

Just £13 can train one female Community Champion, so that she can ensure her community receives the support needed to beat this disease.


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